KARR Unlimited, Inc.
the small shop personal touch with the big shop capabilities!
The Team

the small shop personal touch with the big shop capabilities!



Plant Manager – Engineer, Designer, Programmer and Journeyman Tool & Die Maker for over 35 years.  His knowledge and understanding of metalworking have earned him great respect in the field and he is sought out by our customers when difficult projects arise.   He is highly experienced in tool design and engineering, including deep draw dies for exotic materials and tight tolerance parts both high volume and single piece production for aerospace and automotive industries.



CNC Operators – have been with us since 2001, they have worked extensively with tight tolerances and exotic materials.  They have experience in single piece runs and production runs and can make necessary program adjustments required with tight tolerances.  


Materials – All staff have extensively worked with aluminum, titanium, inconnel, hardened stainless, waspalloy, haspalloy as well as standard tool steels, both hardened and soft and various grades of copper and bronze. We also have had projects involving very special propietary alloys. 


Tolerances – All staff are accustomed to projects requiring tolerances from +/-.020 to  +/-.001 and some projects to +/-.0005.


All of these employees are also experienced with our manual mills, grinders, lathe, drill presses and our mechanical presses. 


Capacity - Due to the economy and our location in Michigan we have access to many highly skilled operators, including former employees.  This gives us great capacity options as we are currently running 2 shifts with limited personnel, we can easily add personnel or shifts to accommodate schedule changes or quick turn around requirements.